It wasn't really a blind date. I had opened up an AOL private chat room which I'd called "ISO Tall Strongwoman", and, when this female entered with the screen name "Amazon Lady". I figured just maybe I might have hit pay dirt. She seemed intelligent and personable and asked me why I was looking for a tall, strong woman. When I told her that I'd always been attracted to women who were taller and stronger than I, she asked me how big I was. I replied that I was 5'2" and 120 lbs., and her reply was, "Well, if that's true you must be attracted to a lot of women then. Is 6'8" and 280 lbs of solid muscle too much woman for you?" Even though I knew that there were a lot of phonies on line, my heart started pounding and I almost fell out of my chair in my eagerness to assure her that, if she really was that tall and strong, she was literally a dream come true and that I would love to meet her. "We'll see," she replied, "but let's get to know a little more about each other first."


During the next hour we explored each other, probing what we looked like and our respective interests and fantasies. We also exchanged first names: Kevin and Jul. I told her that I was 24, an accountant with a small, local accounting firm, had never been married and rarely dated, since most women were considerably taller than I and seemed uncomfortable with a shorter man. Jul said that she, too, was single and would have no problem at all with my small size, but added that, from past experience, she recognized that I might well have a problem at first being seen with a woman who literally dwarfed my small frame. I admitted that that initially I might be uncomfortable, but insisted that I would be able to quickly get past that. We also learned that we were located in the same city, so that a meeting was quite possible, but when I pressed the subject she demurred and, after assuring me that we would meet again on line, left the room.


I was distraught, but each evening after work logged onto AOL and opened my private room, always searching to see if my "Amazon Lady" was on line. Several days later she again entered my room and, after chatting for about a half hour, suggested we exchange photographs. I had a recent jpg. which was a decent likeness and e-mailed it to her. Moments later I received hers in reply, a shot of only her head, and gasped in amazement; if that were really her, she was absolutely gorgeous! When I said that a woman as beautiful as she was could have any man she wanted, she replied that she only dated men who were much smaller and weaker than she was and that most such men were afraid of her. I asked her if there were any reason for a man to be afraid of her, and she replied that she considered men to be the "weaker sex", to be cared for and protected, and would never deliberately hurt a man unless necessary to protect herself or someone else. At that point I knew I had to meet her and begged her to let me see her. She told me that she wanted to check me out first and instructed me to be standing at the corner of 5th and Main at precisely 2:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, to leave for home promptly at 2:30 and open my AOL private room and wait for her.


The next day I was at the corner well before 2:00 p.m., but saw nothing. Promptly at 2:15 I returned home, logged on and opened my private room. Within a few minutes she IMed me giving me directions to her home and instructing me to be there promptly at 7:00 that evening. With my heart in my mouth I replied that I wanted to take her to dinner that night, and would it be all right if I wore a coat and tie. Her reply was interesting; she said that when I saw her I might have second thoughts about going out in public right away, but that she would be dressed and ready just in case. When I logged off I was shaking like a leaf. After all these years I was finally going to meet a woman who was not only much taller and obviously much stronger than I, but a veritable giantess of muscle and beauty! And even better, a woman who preferred a smaller, weaker man like myself! I could only hope and pray that I wouldn't make an utter fool of myself.

Nevertheless, promptly at 7:00 that evening, showered, shaved and decked out in my best sport outfit, I appeared at the address she had given me. I stood there at the front door for several seconds, my stomach tied up in a knot, wondering if I should cut and run. But I had waited too long and suffered too many disappointments to let a fear of the unknown stand in my way. I couldn't see myself walking away from a chance to meet the woman of my dreams. Hesitantly I rang the doorbell.
Nothing happened. There was no answer, and the door remained closed. I could see a dim outline of a massively tall woman through the half circle of translucent windows at the top of the door, but she made no move to open the door. I fought back a sense of dismay. Had I offended her in some way in not ringing the doorbell right away? Was I not on time? My watch said that I was only a couple of minutes late.
Still, the door remained closed. What I didn't know at that moment was that Jul's 6'8" frame, clothed in a blue cocktail dress, was perched atop 6" spike heels, making her all of 7'2" tall, fully 6" above the top of the doorway!
Afterwhat seemed like an eternity the door opened and she stood there, literally looming all of 2 feet over my comparatively puny 5'2", a virtual mountain of unbelievably massive feminine curves and muscle that would have put even the biggest male bodybuilders I had ever seen to shame. She was looking a mile down at me with an expression of mingled annoyance and mild amusement. She had obviously been aware of my hesitation and seemed to be enjoying my discomfiture. I did my best to explain why I'd hesitated at her door, but, with the knot in my stomach, I was shivering, and my voice trembled noticeably.
As I stood there staring up at her, the top of my head not even reaching to her magnificent bust, her reassuring words were not all that reassuring! I had to wonder if I could survive even a casual embrace in the arms of this Amazonian giantess! Was she really as strong as she looked? I knew something about bodybuilding, having been an avid fan of female bodybuilders for several years, and I'd been told by experts that huge muscles did not necessarily equate to great strength. She obviously was into strength sports, probably weightlifting, and if she was a bodybuilder who lifted weights for size and contour, rather than for strength, she would be strong, surely much stronger than I, but not as strong as her size and muscularity would suggest. And that thought was of some comfort to me.
Then she smiled down at me and held out her amazingly muscular arms to me as she repeated her invitation to come in. As nervous as I was, I knew that I could not walk away from the chance to realize my dream of a lifetime, to be held helpless in the arms of a tall, powerful woman. I just hoped I could survive it!
As she ushered me through the door and into the entrance hall of her home, her left hand resting lightly on the back of my head, I felt like a small child looking up at her towering figure. She was certainly as beautiful as her picture, perhaps even moreso, and even her description of herself during our chatroom conversations didn't begin to do her justice. And, if she were anywhere near as strong as she looked, I had to wonder if she could leap tall buildings with a single bound!
I guessed I'd probably made an acceptable, perhaps even a good, first impression, despite my hesitation at the door. I hated to think what might have happened to me if I'd made a bad one! As it was, despite my trepidation, I had to admit that she was a dream of a lifetime, far taller and an incredibly more beautiful and powerful looking woman than I had ever hoped to meet--or, for that matter, even dream about. And even more amazingly, she seemed to be attracted to me! Was this too wonderful to be true?
She took me into her living room where, to my chagrin, all the furniture seemed to be sized for her, way too large for me or for anyone under 6' tall. I literally had to climb up on one of the seats where I sat, my feet dangling inches above the floor, still having to look up at her. She sat down on a seat next to me, crossed her magnificently muscular legs and reached out with her powerfully muscled arm to put her huge hand on top of my head. I wasn't sure what prompted her to do that, perhaps demonstrating her superiority, that she could do whatever she liked with me, but I decided it wouldn't be healthy to object. Besides, I wasn't sure I wanted to; the touch of her hand on me was at the same time comforting and electric, sending a thrill through my small body.

As we talked, she seemed genuinely interested to discover why I felt the way I did about taller, stronger women, I suspect in order to see if we were compatible emotionally and sexually as well as physically. However, I wasn't sure I was willing to tell her at this point what I really wanted: to be swept up and held helpless in her powerful arms! I wanted to be sure that what she had told me in our chat room, that she wanted to care for and protect, but never hurt, a smaller, weaker man was really the way she felt. At the same time, I was also beginning to have second thoughts about taking her to dinner. Certainly the vast disparity in our size would have people staring, and I wasn't sure I was ready for that. Perhaps her initial comment to that effect had been based on her experiences with other men; in any event, it had been insightful. I decided to wait to see if she would bring up the subject again.

So, to buy a little more time to decide how candid I wanted to be with her, I chose a somewhat different tack. Surprisingly, my initial reaction to her overwhelming presence had subsided to the point that I was able to at least think a little clearly again. My suggestion didn't fool her, however. I could tell she knew that I was holding back, and that she was probably going to have to do something to put me at ease.
She obliged by sitting up and flexing her right arm. I slid off my seat and tentatively put one hand on the massive, bulging bicep and the other under to prob her triceps. I was stunned at the size and hardness of the muscle; it was like a rock! This was not a bodybuilder's muscle, with the fibers torn down and swelled from being worked to exhaustion. This was a muscle of a woman who exercised to build strength, a woman who probably was every bit as strong as she looked. My stomach started to churn again with that realization and the knowledge that I had started down a road from which I could never return.
I knew I was babbling on like an idiot, but somehow that seemed to entice her. I couldn't take my eyes of this extraordinary and imposing Amazon and the massive bicep that bulged up like a mountain out of her upper arm. What I really wanted was to be swept off my feet and into those mighty arms, to be held and cuddled like a small child, which, compared to her, was almost what I was! But how could I tell her that? And what would her reaction be if I did?
But it was Jul who finally broke the ice. I couldn't believe it! She actually wanted me to pit the strength of my small body against the power of her mighty one! I knew that she had to be able to easily overpower me, and my only reservation was whether she would hurt me. She had told me in our chat room and again at her front door that she didn't want to hurt the "weaker sex" (me!), but did she really know her own strength? Could she avoid hurting me? I knew I was about to find out!


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