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"Crime and Punishment"
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

"Here, bring him over here." Alice pointed to her bed, as Kasandra and Jen entered her small room. "Damn, he is heavier than he looks," concluded Kasandra as she dropped Jason right on top of Alice's neatly covered bed. All three girls stood there for a second looking at each other. They were all freshmen at Millbury State, a small university just outside of Chicago, famous more for it's wild parties rather than the quality of the education it provided.

"Well, are we ready to do this or what?" asked Jen. She was clearly the leader of the group. By far the prettiest, and most popular of the three, it seemed that she was the one who had least reason to be there. Jason had not done anything to her.. With her model-like features, short perky blond hair and perfectly trim body, she was, in fact, one of the most popular girls on campus. It seemed that over the first three month at Millbury, there wasn't a guy who hadn't hit on her at least once. She, however, rejected all of them, and instead spent most of her time hanging out with Alice.

Alice, was by no means un-pretty, but because of her small size - she was only 5-2, and very quiet demeanor, she did not get much attention from her peers. In fact, a lot of people did not even know who she was, even if they sat next to her in economics or worked next to her in the physics lab.

Alice and Jen had met during their first week on campus, and quickly became the best of friends. That is why, when the whole incident happened, Jen quickly came to her aid, and promised to get revenge as soon as the opportunity presented itself - at least that was the way she put it.

The incident itself, that started all this, happened a few weeks earlier at the party at Jason's fraternity house. Jen, for obvious reasons, was always invited to these sort of events, and she would always bring Alice along. Alice did not enjoy the parties that much, especially once the frat boys got drunk and started to go crazy - and that was pretty much guaranteed every time.

Usually, once most of the beer kegs had been emptied, they would try to get some girl who had had way too much to drink, to do something crazy, like take off her top; and sometimes even more. There were even rumors of one occasion when they got one girl really drunk and forced her to have sex with some of the fraternity brothers. Of course these were only rumors, and nothing was ever proven.

That night, Jen had left Alice at the party for a few hours, because one of her relatives was in town on business, and wanted to have dinner with her. When she came back to the frat house at around midnight, she was shocked to see Alice completely naked in the middle of the dance floor, with all the fraternity people pouring beer on her. The poor girl was so drunk she had no idea what was happening to her, although all the boy were having a grand time. By the time Jen got Alice out of the house, she, herself, was covered with beer.

Next morning, Alice had the worst hangover of her life. She did not remember what had happened or who had got her drunk. She felt awful about it, but was dealing with the whole situation pretty well, until a few days later, when she heard the story that the frat boys were passing around; specifically a guy by the name of Jason. Apparently he was claiming to have gotten a blowjob from the Alice in the bathroom during the party. Alice got really upset, and since she did not remember what happened she assumed that Jason was telling the truth. It later turned out to be a complete lie - he made the whole thing up to impress his frat brothers, and even admitted to it. But by then Jen had already had a plan in her head. She decided to get revenge for her friend Alice, and teach the frat boys a lesson they would not soon forget.

"Looks like he is completely out," concluded Jen after examining Jason's still body on Alice's bed. "How much has he had?" she asked turning to Kasandra. "Six or seven shots, not more, but for his size that will probably keep him out for some time," Kasandra laughed in her deep voice, which seemed appropriate for her size.

She was a big girl. Really big. In addition to being 6'-4" she was massive all around, with broad shoulders, powerful legs and muscular arms. She had come to Millbury on a sports scholarship; playing volleyball. She was a serious athlete and spent a lot of time in the gym. She was an obvious choice when Jen needed help with her little plan.

Kasandra, was a fairly attractive woman, but her size was too intimidating to most guys. So she had a lot of time to work out and concentrate on her training rather than her social life.

Kasandra and Jen sat next to each other in the economics class. One day when class was over, Jen approached Kasandra and explained what she wanted to do. To her great surprise, the quiet, and almost shy at times Kasandra, not only offered to help with her plan, but seemed almost as excited about it as Jen was.


Now that Jen saw how easily the powerful volleyball player carried Jason's drunken and limp body all the way from the party on the other side of campus to Alice's room, she was really glad to have Kasandra's help.

"OK, ladies, let's get started," said Jen, "Kas, undress him. Alice, get everything ready." Her commands were short and to the point, and Alice and Kasandra seemed to be glad to follow them.

Kasandra walked up to the bed and easily flipped Jason's body over, so that he was now facing up. His eyes were closed and his mouth open. For a second she paused and looked over his body. It seemed very small in comparison to her own. She then undid his belt and shirt. In less than a minute Jason was completely nude. She paused for a second as she inspected his genitals that were right there in plain view. He was out cold.

"Good, bring him into the bathroom," instructed Jen. Kasandra scooped up the naked Jason into her gigantic arms and carried him over to the bathroom door. With his skinny arms and legs hanging down from Kasandra's muscular arms, the contrast between the athletic Amazon and the small guy was as vivid as could be.

"Put him into the tub," Jen directed. The three girls stood over Jason's naked body laying at the bottom of the tub.
"Are you sure about this, Jenny?" asked Alice, the smallest of the three. She was the only one who seemed to be having doubts about Jen's plan.
Jen turned to her: "He deserves it for what he did to you!"
"But, he did not even do anything!"
"He said that he did, and that is enough for me! Am I right Kas?"
The 6'-4" Amazon nodded her head. That was enough for Jen to continue.

Jen, took off her clothes and climbed into the tub. Standing over Jason's body, she turned on the water.
"Kas, you hold his head, so that he does not drown, while I soap up his body."
As Kasandra wrapped her giant hand around Jason's neck and pulled it up, Jen grabbed some liquid soap and squirted it onto Jason's back. The tub was now partially filled with warm water. Jen began massaging soap into the little man's body. She was moving quickly, and in a few minutes his body was completely covered with soap.
"Lift him up now," commanded Jen.
Without any visible effort Kasandra lifted the limp body out of the tub, and held Jason under the armpits, so that his feet were dangling about an inch off the tub's bottom. Jen, squeezed some more soap out of the bottle, and rubbed it generously into his crotch area. "Turn him over."
Kasandra turned the body around. Jen then repeated the process and washed out Jason's anus.

"Ok, I think he is clean!" she proclaimed. "Alice, hand me a razor."
She took the razor and slowly started to shave Jason's entire body, starting with his legs. The process was slow. Once again Kasandra's size and strength came into great use. She held Jason up in a vertical position, for some time, while Jen shaved his entire body.

It took them over 20 minutes, but when they were done, Jason's legs, arms and the rest of the body looked completely smooth without a trace of a single hair. Jen turned on the shower and washed the left-over soap from Jason and from herself.

By then Alice has prepared the hot wax bucket. Kasandra laid Jason over her knee, while she sat on the edge of the bathtub. Jason's rear was now soft and smooth without a trace of single hair. With her hands Jen spread out his butt cheeks, exposing his asshole, with some hair sticking out of it. "Apply the wax," said Jen to Alice. Alice, however, hesitated, imagining how painful the procedure would be to Jason. "C'mon, Alice, hurry up!" Jen was getting irritated. "Don't worry, he will not feel a thing, those pills will keep him out for another three hours!"

The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes. Jen was right, Jason did not wake up. Not until his asshole was rid of it's last hair, and not until his testicles and crotch were completely waxed. After the hair removal was complete Jen took out a bottle of lotion and applied it everywhere there used to be hair. "This should keep him from looking like a lobster." All three girls laughed.

"Next, the hair." Jen was now beginning to believe that their plan was actually going to work. Now that Jason's body was completely hairless, she realized how small and fragile this guy actually was. His arms with the smooth light skin now looked very gentle and feminine. His skinny legs, were fairly long for his tiny body and could have easily been girl's legs.

The women sat Jason into a chair, and began working on his hair. First, Alice, who turned out to be quite good with the scissors, trimmed Jason's hair until it was short and full. Then they bleached it.

As Alice and Jen were working with Jason's new hair dye under the fan, he suddenly, started coming to. He moaned as he opened his eyes slightly and looked around the unfamiliar room. Jen and Alice were caught completely by surprise, they just stood there, one with the turned on fan and the other one with a hairbrush in her hands.

As Jason's eyes finally adjusted to the light, he pulled himself out of the chair onto his feet. "Whaaaaat a fuuuuuuck!" he half moaned, his mind obviously still affected by the combination of alcohol and sleeping pills. He looked down at his hairless crotch and then at Alice and Jen; he obviously could not understand what was happening. At that moment Kasandra stepped back into the into the room from the bathroom. The second she saw that Jason was conscious again, she reacted with the speed of a panther. In two giant leaps she was right in front of him. Before Jason could even realize what was happening she grabbed his right wrist with her strong hand, and in a single motion twisted his whole body around. She then caught his left wrist with her free hand and pulled that back as well. She passed Jason's left wrist to her right hand, and now was holding both of his folded arms with her one left hand.
The combination of Jason's dizziness and Kasandra's amazing strength and catlike reflexes allowed the muscled teen to take complete control of Jason's tiny, in relation to her own, body.

As Jason was making weak attempts to free himself from the iron grip of the volleyball Amazon, Kasandra wrapped her free right hand around his chin and forced his mouth open. "Get the pills," she said, looking at the girls, who were still standing in shock from seeing how easily Kasandra manipulated this guy.

"Right!" Jen was first to react. She ran to her purse and got out a bottle.
"Here!" She poured out three pills onto the palm of her hand. "Alice, get some water!"

Jason was now completely conscious. As he felt Kasandra's gigantic body next to his and her unbelievably tight grip on his arms, all sorts of crazy thoughts began racing through his mind. He could also feel his scull being squeezed by the Amazon. He had no other choice but to open his mouth, just to relieve the pain her hand was causing him.

As Jen shoved the pills into his mouth, Kasandra quickly switched her grip, so that her palm was now completely covering Jason's face. He could feel the pills in his mouth. "Swallow," yelled out Kasandra, as she squeezed Jason mouth and nose with her giant palm. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Jason was completely immobilized, now as his air supply was cut off. He made another attempt at freeing himself by jerking his hands and pulling away from the giant woman restraining him, but all this did was cause him even more pain. The Amazon did not budge at all.

"I said swallow!" repeated Kasandra, now in a more relaxed tone.
She then turned to Alice and said "get something for him to drink." Alice quickly ran into the kitchen. By the time she came back with a bottle in her hand, Jason's jerking motions had stopped. With no oxygen supply, he started losing consciousness again. Kadanra slowly let go of his wrists, as he was no longer struggling; his arms now hanging limply from his body.
Kasanra kneeled on the floor, still holding his head and pulled his mouth open. She then took the bottle from Alice and poured it into Jason's wide-open mouth. She then forced his mouth closed and gave him a loud smack on the cheek - that worked like a charm. He suddenly regained consciousness and jumped up, loudly sucking the now free air into his lungs. Two huge gulp of air were followed by a sudden attack of coughing as some of the liquid ended up in his lungs; but it was obvious that he had swallowed the pills.

Kasandra got off her knees, and smiled at him. "Well, ready to go to sleep again, babe?" Instead of giving her an answer Jason collapsed on the floor at her feet.
"Wow, that was faster than I thought," remarked Kasandra as she pulled his little body off the floor and back into the chair.
"Well, vodka and sleeping pills will do that to you," said Jen as she pointed to an empty bottle rolling about on the floor. All three women laughed.

It was midnight and the party at the Alpha Omega The frat house was at it's peak. Dozens of drunk guys and some girls were jumping up and down as the music boomed out of the speakers. There were empty beer cans and plastic cups all over the huge living room of the frat house. The Thursday night bash was clearly a success.


People were still coming and going, when the four women showed up at the front door. One of them was obviously drunk, as she was being held up by two women, one on either side. There was so many people around, that no one paid any attention to the girls as they made their way upstairs into one of the bedrooms.

None of the guests seemed to notice that the drunk 'girl' being helped by her girlfriends was actually Jason. Still unconscious, he was literally carried by Kasandra and Jen as they wrapped their arms around his waist. Kasandra, of course, did most of the lifting. With her amazing strength she was able to hold his tiny body almost in the air as they walked.

Now that the women were inside the second floor bedroom, away from the eyes of all the partying people downstairs, they could relax. The second the door closed behind them Kasandra lifted Jason up and cradled him in both arms.
"God, he is light as a feather, but carrying him with one arm like that was really tough. Where do you want him?" The question was directed at Jen. "You mean HER?" corrected Jen and all three girls laughed.

"Just lay her here on the sofa. Alice, we need to fix her makeup." Kasandra laid Jason on the sofa, and stepped back.

He was wearing a blue summer dress, which seemed to fit him perfectly. It was Alice's dress, which she had received as a gift a few years back, but never wore, because she felt it was "too slutty". The skirt of the dress was very short and ended way above Jason's knees, showing two shapely and now completely hairless legs. The shoes on his feet were Jen's favorite pair of high heels. She was a size 9, which seem to be the closest match to Jason's feet. Kasandra's 12 was way too big and Alice's 6 was too small. Jen knew she would probably never get her shoes back, but this was worth it, she thought.

The shoes and the dress, complemented by stylish blonde hair dye, made Jason look quite attractive as a girl. His small and fairly fragile body left no hint of masculinity, and other than a fairly flat chest - the girls had put a padded bra on him - Jason looked like a quite an attractive female.

As Alice fixed Jason's makeup, Jen admired the product of their work.
"Make sure that the lips are really bright. The sluttier he looks the better!"
Alice picked out the brightest shade of lipstick she had. After a few adjustments, Jason's face was unrecognizable. A think layer of foundation covered all the imperfections and hints of facial hair. Generously applied mascara and eye shadow completely turned his face into the face of a young girl. The lips looked incredibly feminine and full, with bright red gloss on them.
Alice was very pleased with herself. The summer she had worked at Macy's makeup counter, taught her a lot of tricks, and she used all of them to turn Jason into a girl.

"Well," Jen looked at her watch, "I'd say we have about 20 minutes before he comes to. Let's prepare everything."

The girls continued with their plan: Kasandra went downstairs and came back with a dozen or so empty beer bottles. The girls threw the bottles all around the room, so as to give an impression that someone in the room has been drinking. Next, Jason was moved to the floor by the bed, Kasandra propped his head on the edge of the bed, and spread his legs on the floor.
"Here, his hair looks too neat." Alice messed Jason's hair. He now looked like a girl who had had a rough night.

"Perfect," concluded Jen "I think we are ready. You girls go and mingle, and I will lure them in." The three women took one last look at Jason's unconscious body on the floor and walked out.

As Jen walked down the stairs into the crowd of drunken college students, she scanned the room. As expected the frat guys were all hanging out by the improvised bar across the room. She then looked for someone who could help her with her story. The target was easy enough to find: his name was David. He was a freshman and not really a part of the frat, although he would have killed to be in it. He did not command much respect from the 'brothers' though, because of that eagerness. He was the guy that would do anything to get the frat brothers to like him.

As Jen approached David, she was glad to realize that he was almost completely drunk; "This will be even easier than I thought." Jen knew that David had a thing for her, and she used it to her advantage.

"Hi David," she said as she brushed up against him with her entire body.
"Hey Jen." He was clearly surprised and excited to see her.
"Great party, you guys really know how to have fun," she gave him the sexiest smile she had.
"Yeah, totally awesome." He was eating her up with his eyes.
"Say David, I was wondering if you could help me out - I need you to help me play a practical joke on a friend of mine. You think you can help me?" She put her arm on his shoulder.
"Yeah, yeah, sure Jen, I would love to."
"OK, what I want you to do is go over to the guys over there and tell them you just got a free blowjob from the girl upstairs."
David's eyes widened. "You want me to say what?"
"It's just a joke, I just want them to come to the room. I have a surprise for them there."
"Well, it sounds kind of weird..." he paused for a second, and then asked "Won't they get pissed if they found out I did not?"
"Well, who is to say you did not?" Jen moved in closer to him, "I will not tell if you won't."
Jen's calculation paid off. Having a chance to brag to the others about a blowjob during the party was too much of a treat for David. He was already imagining the new respect he would get from the brothers, and maybe they would even invite him to join.
"OK, OK, I will do it."
"Great, I knew you would," Jen smiled. "Go over there and tell them about the girl and the blowjob. She is in the small bedroom upstairs."

As David walked toward the group of guys, Jen signaled to Kasandra who was standing across the room on the other side. Kasandra, responded with a nod, and started moving toward David, who was now talking to the frat brothers.

Jen was standing too far away to hear the conversation, but judging by the reaction they did not believe David's story. For a second it looked like that was it. But suddenly one of the frat brothers said something and pointed to the stairs. The whole group started moving, with David behind them still trying to explain something.

As the group of about 12 guys started going up the stair, Kasandra approached David and tapped him on the shoulder. "Come dance with me," she said pretending to be drunk. She threw her entire body on top of him and they both collapsed to the floor. By then all the guys were at the top of the stairs.

Jen made her way through the crowd, and followed the group upstairs. David was still tangled-up with 'drunken' Kadanra. The second floor corridor was empty but the small bedroom door was open. Jen moved in closer to the door and peeped in - but her view was obstructed by a couple of large backs. All she could do was listen.

"Fuck, this chick is completely wasted." This was the voice of one of the frat house leaders, Frank, a tall football player who was at Millbury on an athletic scholarship, and did not do much else other than party and play ball. "Damn, she is completely out."
"Did David say she blowed him?" This was a different voice.
"Fuck yeah, look at her, the tramp is a slut!"
Jen looked at her watch. If the plan was to work, the frat boys needed to be more aggressive than that. Fortunately they were all drunk and horny.
"Well, if she did not mind blowing his pencil dick, maybe she would like a real man." This was Frank's voice again.
The rest of the frat boys responded by loud barking and screaming, "Yeah, let her have the meat!"
"Is she completely out though?" One of the brothers sounded concerned.
At that moment David ran up the stairs. He must have finally freed himself from Kasandra, and was now looking to see what he had got himself into. He zoomed by Jen standing in the corridor, and ran into the room.
"Hey guys, this was just a jo..."
He was interrupted by Frank: "Is this the broad that sucked you?"
For a second David hesitated, with all the frat brothers obviously staring at him. He then responded with the phrase that sealed Jason's fate. "Yeah, yeah, that's the broad." He was just trying to earn himself the respect of the crowd, but that was the green light Frank was waiting for.
"Excellent, then she would not mind tasting a real man." Jen heard Frank's zipper unzipping and after a slight commotion she heard the men starting to chant "Frank! Frank! Frank!"

Jen turned around and walked toward the stairs. Kasandra and Alice were standing on the first floor with drinks in their hands looking at her with a silent question. She walked toward them, and nodded her head. "Jason is about to find out what it is like to be a helpless girl around drunk men. Let's go ladies." She wrapped her hands around Kadanra and Alice and the three triumphant women walked toward the exit. As they exited the frat house Jen looked at her watch, smiled and said, "I'd say just about now, she is waking up."

The three women got their revenge and then some. Jen's plan worked better than she could ever have imagined. Just as Frank grabbed Jason and forced his good-sized member into his mouth, Jason started coming to. By the time Jason's eyes adjusted to the light, Frank was going at it full speed, with the rest of the guys cheering him on. Frank also noticed that Jason's eyes were open, but he interpreted it as a reaction to his penis and that just made him more eager. Before understanding what was going on, Jason automatically started feeling Frank's member with his tongue, and that was just the confirmation Frank needed. The next thing Jason felt was a warm and oily substance shooting down his throat.

As Frank finished and pulled out, Jason began looking around the room with his eyes wide open. He heard Frank's comments: "God, this chick is the best cocksucker I have ever had! And she swallowed the whole load! Anyone else want to try her?"

The next thing Jason felt was another penis in his mouth. He was now fully aware of the situation. At first he thought of jumping up and begin screaming. It seemed like the only thing to do, but then he realized that none of the frat brothers recognized him, so he decided instead, to try to keep his identity unknown. That would be the only way he could ever show his face on campus again. In retrospect that was the worst possible decision he ever made. That night Jason ended up sucking the cocks of just about every guy in the party.

Following the example set by Frank all 12 guys took their turn on the 'best cocksucker'. The news spread around the house fast, and pretty soon the entire party was in the small bedroom. Someone brought a boom box and beer. People made a circle around Jason as the guys one after the other took their turn. There were only a few girls, most of whom watched Jason with both horror and admiration. By 4 o'clock Jason was starting to loose-it again. He no longer resisted, he was now obediently sucking everything that was put into his mouth.
His blue dress was completely soaked in cum. His face was a mess, with all the make-up mixed with cum running down his cheeks. His hair was covered with a gooey substance. He no longer cared about anything. His jaws were starting to cramp and his stomach was churning from all the cum he had swallowed.

Finally, the load was too much, both physically and mentally. After another guy pulled his penis from Jason's mouth, Jason's body collapsed onto the floor with no signs of life. "Well, I think she is full," remarked someone, and the whole crowd broke into laughter.

An hour-or-so later, the party was over. Most of the people were gone; leaving behind empty bottles and cans. As the last couple of guests exited the house Frank went back upstairs. He picked up Jason's body and carried him to the street. One of the other guys called a cab.

Frank loaded Jason into the back seat, and squeamishly wiping his hands, said to the driver: "Here is $200, take this whore to some place downtown and forget you were ever here."

As the cab pulled away Frank thought to himself that this was the best party the frat had ever seen.