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"Puppy Love"
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

It all started when my friend and roommate Lenny went on a first date with a woman he met through the phone dating service. I told him from day one that it was a really stupid idea, and that most people who call those services are either losers or perverts, and that he would never meet any nice girls that way. He replied that he was not looking for nice girls and asked "what is the worst thing that could happened?" I have to admit that back then I could not even begin to imagine what the worst thing would eventually turn out to be.

Lenny and I were roommate in college, and when we graduated we rented an apartment in the city together. The apartment was small, but cozy, with two bedroom, one large and once small. Lenny got the larger bedroom, and I took the smaller one. I did not mind, since Lenny was a literally twice my size. Lenny was what you call a classic jock. 6'4", wide shoulders, he played football his entire four years in college, while I, with my 5'1" stayed away form sports and concentrated on studies. Both mine and Lennies. We were always joking how the two of us "on average" made up a good athlete and a good student.

We both had good jobs, and plenty of free time to party and have fun. After all we were only 22 and had all the freedom in the world. That Monday night Lenny came home way past midnight, he was completely drunk, and could not put together a single coherent sentence. All I could gather was that his blind date went well, and the girl turned out to be a knockout.

Next morning, when we met at breakfast, excited Lenny told me about the amazing woman he has met the night before. Apparently she was everything he ever wanted in a woman. From his description she was an absolute goddess. Her name was Kasandra. She was taller than him, which was astonishing in itself, but also in a perfect shape, and looked like a cross between a supermodel and miss universe. Knowing Lenny's gift for exaggeration, especially when it came to his sexual escapades, I did not believe a word he said. In fact I even started making fun if him, but we both were late for work, so that was the end of the conversation.

That evening, Lenny did not come home. This was not the first time he partied all night, so when I woke up in the morning and realized that he stayed out all night I did not pay any attention to it. When I came home after work though, I found a message on our answering machine from Lenny's boss. Apparently Lenny did not show up for work, and did not call in sick. His boss was pretty pissed. This was not like Lenny, he could easily party all night, but he took his job pretty seriously.

I figured, that maybe something happened, but decided to wait before panicking. At around 9:00pm the phone rang. I picked it up, it was Lenny on the other side. In all the years I have known him I have never herd him so happy. He sounded like he was in heaven. He told me that he spent the last two days with Kasandra, and that he was having the best time of his life. I believed him, because he certainly sounded like he was.

When I told him about the message from his boss, he did not seem to care. He said that he will straighten everything out and that I should not worry about it. He also said that he might be gone for the next couple of days. That was the last I heard of him until the weekend. I could not tell for sure, but from the looks of things Lenny did not come back to the apartment at all. I started wondering how he was living that way, without a change of clothes or any of his personal stuff, but did not give it too much thought.

Saturday night, I was at home watching a movie, when suddenly I heard the front door open. I quickly got up and went to the door. At first, I did not even recognize my roommate. Lenny looked completely different from his usual self. First of all his head was shaved. In all the years that I have known him, I have never seen him with a short haircut. I was in shock. He also looked very different. His usual happy go lucky character was gone. He looked tired and completely out of touch with reality. He looked at me with a smile, said hello and hurried into his room. It was strange to see him like this. The only time I ever seen him in similar shape was after a particularly tough game or practice. While I was trying to figure out what was going on with my friend, he appeared in the doorway of his room with his laundry basket filled with some random clothing, and few other personal items. He quickly rushed out the front door. The look on his face scared me, it was a look of a someone lost in his thoughts, and not even completely aware of his surroundings. It was as though he was on some sort of drugs.

I had to talk to him, find out what was going on. I ran back to the kitchen, grabbed the keys from the table and rushed out. By the time I made it to the elevator the doors closed right in front of me. I had only had time for a quick glance inside the elevator before the doors closed. What I think I saw had shocked me. I could not see for sure, but I though I saw two women standing in the front. They were both dressed in black and were incredibly tall. The elevator doors were 7' feet tall and it seemed like both women were as tall as those doors. The women were not only tall but massive. They silhouettes completely filled the doors and somewhere behind them I could see Lenny's 6'4" body completely dwarfed by the women in black. That was the image that stayed in my mind as the doors closed. It seemed unreal and unbelievable and I thought then that I have never seen such large people in my entire life.

I have not heard from Lenny for the next week. This was beginning to weird me out. The image of too amazons in black in an elevator kept creeping into my mind. I tried reaching him at work, but was told that Lenny was no longer employed there. This was outrageous. He had everything going for him at that company and now somehow he managed to get himself fired. I had to figure out what was happening. I was trying to think of what I could do, even thought about involving the police, when suddenly I received another call from Lenny.

He sounded even worse than the last time we spoke. In a very soft and not at all Lenny-like voice, he told me that he was ok, and that I should not worry about him. He also asked me to hire movers and move all his stuff out of the apartment into the storage. He was moving out, and I should rent his room out at earliest possible time. His voice was trembling. I felt like he wanted to say something else but suddenly I heard some commotion in the background and the line went dead.

The whole conversation confirmed my suspicions that something was wrong. I hesitated for a moment, then picked up the phone again and dialed *69 - calling last number connected. For a while there was no answer, then someone picked up.
Deep and sexy female voice said: "Hello, Jason"
I was shocked: "How did you know my name?"
"We know a lot more about you, than you may think"
"Who are you?"
The woman ignored my question, and continued:
"I think it is time that we met, don't you?"
"Who are you?", repeated I my question. The voice sounded so sexy, it was turning me on, but at the same time I was beginning to really start to worry.
"Don't go anywhere, we'll be there within an hour" She hung up, before I had a chance to answer.

I was standing with the phone still in my hand, unsure of what to do. On one hand I was really nervous about everything that has happened to Lenny, and what the reasons for his strange behavior might have been. On the other hand the prospect of meeting the women I saw in the elevator was incredibly invigorating. The image of two gigantic silhouettes still stood vividly in my mind.

My curiosity and sexual excitement was too much. So instead of getting some help, or at least getting out of the apartment, I threw caution to the wind and waited anxiously for the next forty five minutes. I did not know what to expect, when I heard the knock on the front door, but what I saw when I opened it completely shocked me.

In front of me stood a huge but very beautiful woman, dressed in tight black dress. She was so big that she completely filled the doorway. As she walked in, her waist was right at my eye level. In her right hand she had a leash. As she walked toward the middle of the living room she pulled the leash behind her and to my shock and amazement I saw that the other side of the leash was attached to a collar around someone's neck. At first I did not even recognize Lenny. He was almost completely naked, with the exception of the big black collar around his neck, and moving on his legs and knees. He had to crawl really quickly to keep up with the gigantic woman who kept pulling on the leash until Lenny was standing on all fours right next to her legs.

"Well, hello Jason", said she in the same deep and sexy voice I heard over the phone. I was standing still in shock, unable to say anything. The woman was so big she seemed to fill our small living room completely. In addition to her giantess size she was wearing a pair of black leather boots with the biggest heels I have ever seen. Lenny's naked body actually looked small next to her gigantic legs and feet.
"My name is Kasandra", said the woman, "and I think you already know my little pet", she pulled on the leash so that Lenny's head, which until now was facing the floor, was forced to turn toward me.
As I looked into Lenny's eyes I could not see a single shred of his former self. "Isn't he adorable", said she looking directly at me, and laughed loudly. I was at a loss for words.
"Here", she extended her boot forward and pulled the leash. Lenny obidiently bent toward the black leather of the boot and to my utter surprise started to agressivley lick it. "You see Jason, Lenny is now my little pet". She smiled, and looked at me from her amazing height. Even thought she stood right next to me, her face seemed somewhere high above next to the ceiling.
"Why are you doing this?", the question came out on it's own and was directed to Lenny, but he did not even seem to hear me. He was too busy polishing her boot with his tongue.
"Ha ha ha", with one motion she shoved Lenny's head aside, and moved toward me.
"You see, Jason, Lenny here made a choice for himself, and from now will be my little pet. Is that right, boy", she looked down at Lenny, who had quickly crawled right next to her foot again, and was consumed with licking her boot again.
"Are you nuts!" yelled out I, unable to express my feelings in any other form.
Suddenly, the tone of her voice changed. "Jason", she said in a very strict manner, "I would not be yelling, if I were you". The manner in which she said it scared me. I realized that I was no match for this Amazon both physically and mentally. As she stood confidently in the middle of my living room, with my best friend stripped and put on a leash I thought that the sooner she leaves my life forever the better off I will be.
"Sorry", I tried to back out of the situation, "I did not meant to yell at you".
"Good, now that we have met, is there anything you want to ask me in person, before I leave?"
I was lost. I could not believe that this was real. She was so sexual and beautiful and at the same time powerful and dangerous.
"No", finally mumbled I.
"Good, let's go boy", she pulled the leash with Lenny toward the door.
As I watched my best friend crawl after her gigantic body I realized I had to do something to help him. Not knowing what else to do I grabbed the leash, and yanked it really hard hoping to get it out of Kasandra's hand.
Needless to say, she did not budge. Instead she turned around and grabbed my hand right bellow the palm. Her giant fingers wrapped around my hand squeezed on it so hard I automatically let go of the leash.
With one hand she pulled me up into the air until my feet were hanging a few inches of the floor. As she did that I screamed in pain - my arm was being pulled out of it's socket.
"I see you have an interest in the leash", said the woman, still holding me in one arm. "Please let go of me", yelled I in pain, my feet dangling in the air a foot or so above the floor.
She slowly lowered me down onto the floor in front of her. As I was standing with my face just few inches away from her waste I realized how strong and powerful this woman really was. She was massive and gigantic yet completely proportional and stunningly beautiful. Each one of her legs was as big in diameter as my entire body, and her waistline, that seemed so thin and sexy for her body was so big around, I would not even be able to wrap my hands around it.
With my arm and shoulder still brining I looked up at her sexy face which was so high up I would barely be able to reach it with my hands.
"Does this mean you would like to come back with me?", asked she looking directly at me. The notion seemed insane, by for some reason I felt drawn to this woman, she was so large and beautiful I just wanted to be embraced by her. I did not say anything, but she must have read the answer in my eyes.She wrapped her gigantic arm around my mid section and lifted me up, like a small child.
"Come, boy", commanded she to Lenny, and she walked out of my apartment, carrying me under her arm.

I can not explain what I was feeling, or why I let her take me like that. One thing is for sure I was not thinking straight. We rode the elevator down to the first floor. We walked out to the street toward a black SUV that was standing right in front of our building. In front of it stood the woman that I must have seen with Kasandra in the elevator that day. She was also dressed primarily in black, and seemed just as tall as Kasandra if not taller.

"Here, this is Jason", as she said that she handed me over to the woman. The woman took me with two hands, Kasandra then walked Lenny over to the back doors and loaded him into the caged space in the back, the kind you see some people put their dogs in. Kasandra then got behind the wheel, and the woman god into the back seat with me in her hands.

"I'll drive, you get him ready", said Kasandra and the car started moving. As we drove out of the city, the woman placed me on her lap and slowly and methodically took off all my clothes. Her hands and arms were so big, I felt completely powerless against them. Any time I would try to resist she would just smile and force me to do what she wanted.

Last thing to come off were my briefs. I tried the best I could to not let her take them, but she just pulled them off my legs despite my feeble attempts to stop her. I was now sitting completely naked on her lap. In addition to the feeling of helplessness and humiliation I suddenly realized that I was incredibly turned on. The woman did not seem to mind it at all. In fact she turned my naked body around and was carefully inspecting my penis. I tried to cover myself, but she just held both of my hands behind me with her giant arm.

Suddenly the car stopped. The woman stepped out, cradling my naked body in he arms. "Why don't you let me have him", said Kasandra and took me from her arms. She carried me into a large suburban looking house. We entered a kitchen, where she finally set me down onto the floor. I was standing completely naked in the front of her massive frame.

"Well, here we are, boy", said Kasandra and smiled. She went over to the closet next to the front door, and took something out. As she approached me with it, I realized that it was a collar, similar to the one Lenny was wearing…